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At BMW, we aim to make the experience of owning your dream car as enjoyable as driving one. BMW Financial Services offers you a range of car finance options customised to your needs.

BMW 360º Program
Sample Comparsion for Payment Plans for BMW 3 Series.
 BMW 360º ProgramStandard Plan
47 monthly payments₹72,966*₹1,04,555*
Assured Buyback Value₹19,18,400*NA
Term of loan4848
Ex-showroom price₹43,60,000*₹43,60,000*
Financed Amount₹41,42,000*₹41,42,000*
Annual Mileage10,000 kmNA
Excess Mileage₹20 per kmNA
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BMW 360 Program Offers


Repay your loan and interest through equal monthly payments (regular EMIs).


You can opt to lower your regular EMIs by paying specified higher amount at fixed intervals during the loan tenure. An ideal plan if you are expecting an increase in your paying capacity at certain points.


You can opt to lower your regular EMIs by playing higher lump sum amount at the time of maturity. This is particularly suitable if you plan to sell your car at the end of the tenure.


If you plan to lower your regular EMIs at present and pay higher EMIs in future, then the set-up plan is ideal for you. In this case, the EMIs payable changes or ‘step up’ by fixed rate after a given intervals of time.


If you plan to pay higher EMIs at present and lower EMIs in future, then the step-down plan is ideal for you. In this case, the EMIs payable decreases or ‘step down by fixed rate after a given intervals of time.


This unique plan allows you to customize your EMIs as per your requirement within the approved framework.

1. What is 360 degree program? What are its benefits?

BMW 360 is an assured buyback program wherein you have options to retain, trade in or return the vehicle at the end of term.

Key benefits:

Affordable – Lower EMI.

Flexible – choose mileage and tenure as per requirement.

Future Proof – Assured buy back price.

2. How it is different from leasing?

The basic difference between BMW 360 and leasing is vehicle owned by customer unlike in leasing where vehicle is owned by leasing company.

ParametersPlan TypeBMW Leasing Plan
Buy Back Assured Buy back @ pre-agreed priceLeasing company
Customer TypeAvailable at the pre-agreed priceSince not owned, buy back not applicable
Customer remains 1st owner.Not available, however preference given to customer at the market price.

3. What all options are available to the customer at the end of contract term?

BMW 360˚ program assures complete peace of mind with three flexible options at the end of term.

Retain: Customer can retain the car by paying the assured buyback / balloon value either in lump sum or by getting it refinanced through BMW Financial Services;

Trade-in: Customer can choose to trade in his existing car with our dealership to settle the balloon and start driving a new BMW.

Return: Customer can choose to return the car to dealership and will have no further liability if the car meets required mileage and wear and tear conditions.

4. In case of any new dealer replaces any old dealer, will the customer be impacted?

In case of any dealer is terminated or closes down operation, co-dealer/New dealer would be involved in buyback. Customer would not be affected by any such scenario.

5. Can Dealer change the agreement?

No, Dealer cannot change the agreement once the vehicle is sold to customer.

6. How is assured buyback price decided?

Assured buyback is decided basis depreciation rate prevailing the market and Used car database and Market inputs.

7. Is tenure for 360 Program pre-decided? Or Customer is flexible to decide tenure?

Tenure is pre-decided. However BMW ensures the flexibility,It is currently available in 24 months, 36 months and 48 months tenure.

8. Is there any mandatory condition for BSI under this program?

BSI is not mandatory under this condition. However customer needs to ensure periodic maintenance of the vehicle as specified in agreement. However BSI is recommended from BMW group.

9. What would be ROI for this program?

There would not be any differential ROI for this program. The customer would get the same ROI which is applicable on other models/programs.

10. Would NFSC play any role in buyback?

All the vehicles which are bought back from customers by dealer would be auctioned by NFSC Remarketing team and subsequently liquidation would be done.

11. What is the process in case of early termination?

In case of any early termination, contract with customer gets null and void for buyback. And customer has to pay back complete outstanding plus early termination charges as applicable to BMW Financial services.

12. Who will be customer touch point at BMW?

BMW dealership from where vehicle is purchased would be the customer contact point.

13. At the EOT who will inform the customer? What are the timelines?

Customer to be informed by BMW dealership 90 days prior due date of agreement on the decision to retain or return the vehicle.

14. When the vehicle inspection would be done? Who will analyse wear and tear? When would vehicle handed over?

Vehicle inspection done 7 days prior to contract termination. External evaluator appointed jointly by BMW Group will assess the vehicle. Vehicle Inspection report will be provided by inspection agency with reference to the wear tear policy as per the agreement. Vehicle handover to be done on the day of EOT with wear and tear charges paid by the customer if any as per evaluator’s assessment of the vehicle based on wear and tear policy.

15. When would vehicle be auctioned? What would be auction duration?

Vehicle to be auctioned within 2 days of handover in as in where is condition. Auction duration to be 02 days.

16. What if agreement is lost by customer?

Incase agreement is lost, customer needs to contact respective dealership and the same can be retrieved from the dealership.

17. Who will do the wear and tear assessment? How would customer judge it to be fair? What if customer does not agrees to it?

As per agreement an external evaluator appointed by BMW Group will be evaluating the vehicle. Complete vehicle report would be provided to customer. If customer does not agree, contract is void as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement.

18. What if there is delay in handover by customer? What if he denies? Who bears this loss till issues gets resolved?

In case of delay/denial from customer, contract seems to be void. Further collection team from NFSC comes into effect for recovery of the balloon amount.

19. In case vehicle meets with accident, what is the process? Who will assess whether vehicle is accidental?

In case vehicle meets with accident, vehicle needs to be repaired in authorised BMW workshop, vehicle should not fall under accidental category post repair example: chassis damage, Pillar damage etc. At EOT vehicle would assessed by inspection agency jointly appointed by BMW Group.

20. How would you validate that customer wants to return the vehicle? What if customer changes the decision last moment?

Customer can inform dealership thru mail or any another written communication. If customer changes the decision at last moment, contract is null & void. Although customer has option of refinance at prevailing ROI interest at that point of time.

21. Would there be any differential treatment for corporate client and individual customer post GST?

Customer can inform dealership thru mail or any another written communication. If customer changes the decision at last moment, contract is null & void. Although customer has option of refinance at prevailing ROI interest at that point of time.

21. Would there be any differential treatment for corporate client and individual customer post GST?

If yes how that would be addressed. For same case scenario, Guaranteed future value would same for both the customers whether corporate or individual. However if there is any tax liability arising due to identity or nature of the deal that would be addressed by Customer itself.

Example: Guaranteed future value for both type of customers is 2000000 INR. However incase of corporate client if there is tax liability arising on him due to sale of asset as per the GST regulation has to be dealt by corporate itself. BMW group has no role to play in the same. Neither BMW Dealer nor BMW group would be responsible for the same.

22. What would the finance process flow for the 360 degree programme?

BMW Premium Selection Financing


A range of individual and attractive financing options are made available when you purchase a BMW Premium Selection vehicle. Our dedicated finance and insurance consultants are equipped with the expertise and resources to best advise and provide you with a suitable financing option that suits your needs and future plans.

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Our commitment to an unparalleled leasing experience begins with financing solutions that help you get into the BMW you really want. Go further with personalized lease and financing options that include flexible terms and competitive rates. Our BMW 360º loan products provide you a lease-like option but with ownership of the vehicle.

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*The models, equipment and possible vehicle configurations illustrated in this configuration may differ from vehicles supplied in the Indian market. Some options may contain mandatory combinations with other options. Please check with your local Authorised BMW Dealer. *New Disclaimer ** Price prevailing at the time of invoicing will be applicable. Ex-showroom price inclusive of GST (incl compensation cess) as applicable but excludes Road Tax, RTO statutory taxes/fees, other local tax/cess levies and insurance. Prices and options are subject to change without prior notice. @ As on September 11, 2017.